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They say that idiots don’t catch colds; Shinra supposes that such a thing might be true. Except in Shinra's days as an underground doctor he had seen a lot of things happen to stupid people, gunshot wounds, drug overdoses, infections from yakuza tattoos, and every once in a while a criminal mastermind with a bad cold. Still if it was true that idiots didn't catch colds Shinra supposed that this current cold proved his genius.

Curling up on his side underneath the futon Shinra smothered a cough with his fist. Not that there was anyone in the apartment for him to mind, he could cough as loud as long as he wanted to. At least until Celty got back from her deliveries. Shinra had no idea how long those would take or when Celty would be back. She had been so worried that Shinra would just suddenly pass away if she left him alone.

The laugh that slipped out of Shinra's throat was hoarse as he rolled himself onto his back. Ah, Celty. So worried about his health! But she did have a point, people used to die of things like colds and the flu all the time. In some countries they still did!

"Well, I'm not going to get better just lying here." Shinra said to himself, except he knew that bed rest was the best way to go about things. Still, he had not eaten anything that day and a cup of tea would probably taste really good. That and maybe a slice of toast. Shinra began dragging himself from his bed just as the door to his room opened. "Celty?!" Shinra was glad he was dressed in pajama pants and a t-shirt, Celty reacted VERY badly to walking in on him naked.

"I heard that you were feeling ill." Izaya Orihara leaned on the door frame dressed in a skimpy naughty nurse outfit. "Headache, fever, and a chill."

With a groan Shinra flopped back onto his bed. "My fever must be spiking. This is the worst hallucination ever."

Izaya's chuckle however was very real, as was the cool hand touching Shinra's forehead. Shinra blearily blinked his eyes open to stare up at Izaya's face. "I came to help restore your pluck, because I'm the nurse who likes to-" Oh that sentence could not end well.

A lamp flew in from the living room, crashing right into Izaya's side and forcing him back from the bed.

"I-ZA-YA!" Shizuo sounded like a raging bull, and Shinra hoped that Shizuo wasn't standing near the china cabinet. That was his grandmother's china.

Izaya reached over to pat at Shinra's sweaty brow before making a break for the fire escape. "I'll see you later, Shinra!"

Shizuo charged into Shinra's room, and Shinra was sure that the carpets would be all rucked up. He was holding a potted plant in one hand, which he readied to throw and then halted when he noticed Izaya had wriggled his way out the window and down the fire escape. Instead he looked at Shinra lying there sweaty and confused on the bed.

"Celty told me you were sick." Shizuo hitched a thumb over his shoulder in the direction of the dining room table. "I brought porridge. Eat it and let her stop worrying." Then Shizuo was wrestling his way through the window leading to the fire escape, dropping the potted plant by accident. The pot shattered on Shinra's bedroom floor.

"I-ZA-YAAAAAAAAAAA!" Shizuo slammed down the fire escape with all the grace of an elephant on roller skates.

"I have a headache." Shinra whined to no one before he closed his bedroom window (avoiding the broken plant he would clean that up later) and shuffled his way to the porridge that Shizuo had delivered. He smiled when he saw the plastic wrapped bag.

Knowing that Celty cared made him feel better already.
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