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He's immobilized from the neck down.

Only not really. Shizuo's in a brace, and he's strapped to the bed. He ripped his stitches when he tried to move earlier and the nurses fussed and the doctors buzzed and then they drugged him.

To the gills.

It's the drugs that do it, Shizuo's sure. He's pretty sure that otherwise he would be able to break out of the brace and even with the damage he did to his neck, spine, shoulders, rib cage, and left arm, Shizuo is pretty sure that he would be able to break Izaya's scrawny neck.

Shizuo's pretty sure he would be able to squeeze and squeeze and squeeze until Izaya was foaming at the mouth and his eyes bugged out and…

"Shizu-chan's thinking naughty thoughts." Izaya's annoying voice is low and husky, and there is a faint sheen of sweat on his forehead. Izaya's black uniform jacket was tossed over the back of the visitor's chair that Kasuka usually sat in, and Izaya's pants and boxers were tossed over the chair's seat. All Izaya was wearing was that annoying red t-shirt, and it clung to parts of Izaya's slim body, damp and dark with sweat.

Shizuo's hospital robe has been pushed open, the light teal fabric caught around his shoulders and exposing his chest. Izaya's hands are planted on his chest, and each time Izaya raises himself up the hands press on Shizuo's broken ribs.

Shizuo can't even tell Izaya to shut the fuck up; he broke his jaw because he was grinding his teeth too hard and the hospital had to wire it shut.

Stupid doctors. Shinra was going to fit right in once he got his license.

If he got his license.

"I think I miss your voice." Izaya squeezes around him. Shizuo doesn't even understand how, and he doesn't want to think about it. The drugs make the edges of Shizuo's vision just hazy enough that he can pretend this is all a bad dream. Except he can't block out the sounds, or the way it feels, Izaya warm and GOOD feeling in a way that the flea shouldn't feel, and the slick squelch and slapping noises that are caused by the motion of Izaya's hips and the rocking of Shizuo's.

Shizuo can't thrust very hard, there's a belt holding his hips down to the bed.

"And your grimace." Izaya's slim fingers trace Shizuo's broad chin causing Shizuo to twist his head away. Izaya chuckles, and lifts his hips up so that the tip of Shizuo's erection is barely lodged in Izaya before the thin teen slams himself down, causing Shizuo to moan in both agony and ecstasy while Izaya throws his head back, sweat flying off the ends of his hair to catch the sunlight filtering through the hospital's curtains.

Shizuo's hands flex in their bindings, reaching for Izaya. Izaya's leg muscles flex and he moves up and down, up and down, hypnotic and rhythmic and not at all soothing. He laughs too, one long fingered had resting on Shizuo's stomach, the other moved out of Shizuo's line of sight, although Shizuo guesses from the slap slap slap that Izaya is pumping himself.

Izaya laughs, "Ha ha ha ha ha ha…" breathy and obnoxious, and he squeezes extra tight around Shizuo when he orgasms, warm and sticky semen splattering Shizuo's stomach and dripping into the shadows of his hips.

Izaya's hips stutter to a halt after that, his breath catching and deepening.

If Shizuo could, he would smirk. So even the annoying Izaya Orihara can't keep it up after he comes.

But then Izaya's hips start to move again, faster and faster, and Izaya's giving Shizuo that look, the same one that he gave Shizuo that first day they met.

"See, Shizu-chan," Annoying nickname, Shizuo really was going to break his neck, "I told you we could have fun."

It takes a while, and Izaya is almost half hard again by the time Shizuo comes, spraying sticky and warm semen all around Izaya's insides. Shizuo squeezes his eyes shut, sparks erupting on the insides of his eyelids and his nails biting into the palm of his hand, his grip so tight his knuckles turn white.

Izaya laughs again, and presses extra hard on Shizuo's ribs when he pulls his hips up this time, Shizuo's cock slipping free of Izaya's asshole with a squelch and a few drips of jizz.

Shizuo watches Izaya as the other teen gets dressed and leaves the room, the cuffs holding Shizuo's arms to the bars of his bed rattle when Shizuo jerks on them. Izaya glances back from the door of Shizuo's hospital room. "Don't worry, Shizu-chan, I'll send a nurse to clean you up. We can't have your little brother seeing you like that, can we?"


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