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Title: Eggs on the Sidewalk
Fandom: Durarara!
Pairing: Izaya/Shizuo
Rating: R
Summary: ...PWP, rough sex between the two. Izaya loves humans, but not Shizuo.
A/N: Why are kink memes the only way I get into new fandoms?

Let the punishment fit the crime, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. Izaya had heard phrases like that used again and again. Humanity loved to talk about being just, but underneath it all they were animals who would rip your throat out for a minor offense.

Izaya loved Humans. But not Shizuo.

"Suck it." Shizuo's rough hands grasped the back of Izaya's head and thrust into Izaya's mouth. Izaya's teeth grazed Shizuo's cock and the rough calloused fingers tightened in Izaya's black hair. Izaya looks up through the messy fringe of hair in front of his eyes, slanted dark brown eyes closing when his mouth curls in a devilish smirk. Izaya's hands have a hold of Shizuo's hips, and they pull Shizuo forward even when Shizuo thrusts hard.

Shizuo's cock pushes past Izaya's gag reflex and down his throat, and then Izaya's hands hold Shizuo there, his cheeks hollowing as he sucked Shizuo hard, Izaya's adam's apple bobbing as he swallowed reflexively around Shizuo's cock.

"Fuck." Shizuo rips at Izaya's hair, a few strands coming out and falling to the floor. The blond's legs shake and shudder, but he keeps standing. His face is a rictus grin, fluctuating into a grimace. His wild eyes rolled and his eyes closed.

Izaya pulled back, and warmth flooded his mouth. Salty semen dripped from the corner of his mouth. Izaya turned away to spit, semen splattering from Shizuo's flagging erection onto Izaya's black shirt. Izaya made a face after he had spit, and wiped his face with his sleeve.

"I~zaya~kun." Shizuo sing song panted before he slid to his knees, his hands still grasping the back of Izaya's head, and Shizuo's lips are still stretched in a grimace/grin.

"Shizu-chan." Izaya smirks before leaning forward and swallowing that short distance between their mouths with a sharp bite, his teeth dig into the tender pink flesh of Shizuo's bottom lip, and blood stains his teeth.

Shizuo palms Izaya's cock through Izaya's tight jeans and presses the zipper hard against Izaya's swollen flesh. Izaya stops biting Shizuo long enough to grab the back of Shizuo's head and pull him into a rough kiss. They stay like that, tongues battling for dominance, teeth scraping over tongues and bumping into each other, noses grinding against one another. Shizuo's palm rubs up and down Izaya's groin, but doesn't make a move to open Izaya's pants

Izaya shoves at Shizuo's shoulders to topple them both onto the ground, Shizuo falls backwards, his legs falling akimbo and allowing Izaya to push his body in between Shizuo's legs. One rough hand grabs at Izaya's shoulder, the other wraps around Izaya's neck. Izaya ignores the pressure to apply pressure of his own, grinding his groin against Shizuo's. Shizuo's fingers squeezed hard at Izaya's neck. Izaya already has Shizuo's fly undone, and he pulls the black dress slacks down Shizuo's legs before kneeling on the black pants, trapping Shizuo's legs in his pants.

Not that Shizuo could not rip them easily with one kick of his legs. Shizuo's eyes are heavy lidded, and the manic grimace has faded. He looks almost, almost, content. Izaya has only seen that look when Shizuo speaks with Celty, completely unaware of Izaya's surveillance. It's a look that makes Izaya want to do things, throw a mailbox at Shizuo's head, or maybe have the next vending machine Shizuo picks up explode. Izaya hates Shizuo.

Spreading cold lube over his fingers Izaya forces two fingers inside of Shizuo. The lazy look turns into a snarl, dangerous eyes lighting up.

Izaya hates Shizuo, he really does.

Shizuo's nails drag down Izaya's back, and while his nails weren't as long or as sharp as a woman's they draw blood, long deep scratches that will become nasty scabs and potential scars. Shizuo's hands grab at Izaya's fragile hips and squeeze, bruising the flesh and making Izaya wince at the pressure to his very bones. Shizuo'd end up shattering those one of these days. Izaya was not looking forward to it.

Izaya doesn't bother to stretch Shizuo. Shizuo's muscles, even in his ass, are rock hard. He thrusts his fingers in and out of Shizuo while Shizuo manhandles him and leans forward to grab Izaya's ear between his teeth, yanking at Izaya's tender earlobe. That is when Izaya removes his fingers, slicks himself up, and pushes harshly inside.

It's something Shizuo loves, although he'll never admit to it. Izaya knows from the hitch of Shizuo's breath, the miniscule shudder in Shizuo's fingers. Shizuo likes when Izaya dominates and fucks him.

There's also the obvious evidence of a returned arousal, red and long and dripping clear fluid onto Shizuo's rock hard abs. Izaya closes his eyes, rocking in and out and Shizuo and enjoying the tight grip of Shizuo's ass. There's nothing romantic about it. Their fucking is blood stained and sweat ridden. Sweat drips off of Izaya's hair and slides down his neck and chest. It dapples the area above Shizuo's upper lip, making a down covering of golden hair catch the light. It makes Izaya's grip on Shizuo's legs, one hooked over his shoulder, the other held around Izaya's hip, slip slightly. It tastes of salt, when Izaya licks over Shizuo's jawline and bites harshly on Shizuo's neck.

Shizuo grunts, his teeth damn near ripping Izaya's ear off. He lets go and leaves bloody bite marks down Izaya's neck to his shoulder, where he bites hard enough that he can almost rip a chunk off. Izaya curses, low and guttural, and Shizuo grunts again, his think lips forming a relatively Izaya like smirk.

Izaya's thrusts speed up, and his breathing hitches, manicured nails making perfect crescent marks in Shizuo's skin when he comes.

Shizuo doesn't wait for Izaya to catch his breath, he just pushes the other man onto his back, Izaya's penis still inside of him, and squeezes Izaya's cock with his ass.

"My turn."
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