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But my wisdom teeth are out!

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All shipping will be done with USPS Priority mail flat rate shipping unless asked otherwise.
Internal pictures or plot summaries will be provided on demand.Prices are negotiable, please ask if you wish to barter.

I would prefer to sell all series together. Request singular books if you wish.

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Buy 2 get a 3rd doujinshi of lesser or equal value free!

All shipping will be done with USPS Priority mail flat rate shipping unless asked otherwise.
Internal pictures will be provided on demand.

If they don't have a title please refer to them by number.

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Buy 2 get a 3rd doujinshi of lesser or equal value free!

All shipping will be done with USPS Priority mail flat rate shipping unless asked otherwise.
Internal pictures will be provided on demand.

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Title: Straying from the Path
Author: Kat8Cha
Fandom: DCU
Pairing: Jason Todd/Connor Hawke (Red Hood/Green Arrow)
Rating: PG-13 (to be safe)
Summary: Connor is the bastard son of Knight Oliver Queen, one day he takes a walk into Arkham Forest and crosses paths with a werewolf.
A/N: Dedicated to [livejournal.com profile] saphire_dance, thanks for the paid account time! And to [livejournal.com profile] phoenixofborg and [livejournal.com profile] daggerpen. For AU Bingo's fairytale fill.

Connor knew as well as any other that the green cloak that wrapped around his shoulders and could be pulled over his shoulders did little to protect him. florid prose ahoy! )
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Guys, I just got nominated for an award...

For a drabble I wrote... Five and a half years ago.

For a fandom I... actually don't remember writing for.

. . .

The internet is weiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiird.

. . .

So, right then. Wow. This doesn't mean I'm going to tell any of you what drabble was nominated or let any of you read it. PRE-2007 DOES NOT EXIST TO ME, LA LA LA LA LA LA.

Note, I'm totally adding an 'I'm Famous!' tag to be used at all further 'wth oh alright then' opportunities. I will go and retroactively add it to my Gail Simone post.
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Guys, I think I have to go hyperventilate because Gail Simone reblogged my tumblr.



And thus, a crappy cold snowy day of cramps became a day of *hyperventilating awesomeness*.
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Tim's lips are tingling. tingle tingle! )
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Title: Association
Author: [livejournal.com profile] kat8cha
Fandom: DCU
Characters: Batfamily
Rating: PG-13 (language, oh Jason)
Summary: Tim is a smartypants, Babs is a grumbler, Dick is guilty, Damian could care less, Bruce is desperate and Jason is mainly not crazy.
A/N: For [livejournal.com profile] catyuy's [livejournal.com profile] comment_fic prompt. DCU, Jason Todd, Morrison Jason Todd (aka the crazy red head), Batfamily, Its "Anti Hero Jason" vs "Psycho Villian Jason". Who will win and at what point did each member of the Batfamily realize that PVJ was really not their Jason.

Tim watched the two figures circle each other in fog that would have been dramatic in a movie or a play, )
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Some days Dinah had to wonder what costume designers actually thought about superheroes, porn? )
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Title: Shooting Range
Fandom: DCU
Author: NOT ME HOLY ... me.
Pairing: ...Slade/Roy hints of Ollie/Roy and Roy/Dick
Rating: MATURE
Warnings: Rape. Rape, bad touch, mind fuckery, awfulness, bondage, roleplay
Summary: Slade is a creepy bastard and Roy and Cheshire are going to fail when they try to kill him, also, Slade likes to fuck Titans.
A/N: Can we pretend I didn't write this ever? At least I wrote it and it will stop haunting me. Probably. It was inspired by Titans and too many Slade/Dick fanfics.

this is an AWFUL FIC and unbetad and the tenses keep shifting DON'T CLICK THIS )
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So, I had a really ODD dream last night and I honestly can't remember most of it which makes me sad as it was odd and awesome.

The part I do remember is two undercover spies meeting in some sort of bar/cafe area. And one of the spies, let us call him Spy 1, turned out to be a double agent. Spy 2 got carted off by a bunch of people in suits while Spy 1 got depressed and looked into his drink.

But it turned out later that Spy 1 didn't have a choice because everyone he loved was being used as hostages? And there was another Spy, Spy 3, who was coercing Spy 1.

And they met up and had drinks. And I'm pretty sure Spy 1 was drinking raspberry schnapps. Or at least a lot of minibar bottles of tiny pink drinks.

And Spy 3 had apparently been arrested by Spy 1 earlier in their history/the dream and was now getting his revenge on him by using everyone he loved against him.

And then I think they went off and had wild gay coerced drunked sex.
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...the giant pile of books on the left side of my bed is more mocking than the giant pile of books on the RIGHT side of my bed.

...but only slightly.

I found my phone! (Like the cordless phone that belongs in my room.) Also a lot of bobby pins, for which I am grateful. And several other different sets of hair clips.

...and a pick up sticks box half full of coffee flavored Nips. Which I did not even try to eat as I like my teeth INSIDE my skull.

(...but I was tempted.)

Giant piles of manga mooooooooock me. Someone come over to my house and take them all away from meeeeeeeeeeeeee.
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3 days into the New Year and my body is all aaaaaaaaachy. :( Srsly, from my neck down my body is like 'grumble OW'.

SHUT UP BODY. THIS IS GOOD FOR YOU. You'll thank me later! Not that, you know, after I move to Boston I'll have the Wii Fit. I'll need to find some other way to work out for 30 minutes. 30 minutes of jacknifes?

Room still a mess tough.
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Title: Out in the Cold
Author: K8
Fandom: DC - The Flash
Rating: PG
Characters: Barry Allen, Wally West, Linda West, Iris Allen, Irey West, Jai West, Hartley Rathaway
Summary: Inspired by a [livejournal.com profile] comment_fic prompt

Keystone and Central were two relatively temperate cities. )
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New Years Resolutions-

1) Work out 30 minutes a day. HEAR THAT MELLY. YOU'RE DOING THIS ONE WITH ME. GOT IT?
2) Get a hobby that isn't writing/reading porn and that I can actually talk about in polite company.
3) In that same vein; hang out with people who aren't contained on the internet.
4) In THAT s- yeah. You get it. Check flist and comment on people's posts more, you've been slacking.r

Also, I need to get rid of my doujinshi and my manga and I've been meaning to do that for AGES and haven't. WTH.
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I really wanted abingo...

Hence, Roy torture H/C icons! )


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